Jamie Riva is a fine art, portrait, documentary, and street photographer based out of New York City.  Jamie has been obsessively taking pictures since the age of seven when she saved up enough cereal box tops to mail away for her first disposable cardboard camera.  She has not stopped documenting her life and the world around her ever since.  After moving to New York City to study photography, she received a BFA from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts.  Although photography was her first love, after graduating she switched roles and ended up in front of the camera.  Her many years working as an actor and model have given Jamie a keen insight and sensitivity to what it means for her subjects to be in front of the lens, which helps create a natural connection that is palpable in her photos.  Jamie eventually embarked upon the greatest adventure and most challenging job in her life, motherhood.  She shifted all of her time and energy into raising her two young children.  Her years of experience photographing them during this special time helped fine tune the instincts necessary to capturing those fleeting magical moments that are unique to photographing children.  When her children started school Jamie did as well, furthering her photographic studies at The International Center of Photography in NYC, and reigniting her love affair with the art form personally and professionally.  In addition to her portrait sessions, documentary work, and artistic passion projects, she has participated in exhibitions such as “Metro Textures” which showcased street photography from around the globe, and “Cit.i.zen.ship: Reflections on Rights” which reflected on human rights and notions of citizenship. Jamie was also chosen as a finalist in the 2018 Voice collection, and had her work featured in Click Magazine, as well as the Click Away print gallery exhibition. Images from her ongoing series “Girlhood: Lost and Found” will be included in the Tisch Photography and Imaging Faculty and Alumni show this summer. This body of work explores the many ways young girls are forced to navigate a world full of female stereotypes as they grow. It is fueled by her great desire to examine how unrealistic external influences shape women’s identities, and who they would actually be without them. Jamie is always looking forward to the next creative adventure.