Girlhood: Lost and Found

“Girlhood: Lost and Found” explores the experience young girls face growing up in a world full of preconceived notions of what it means to be a woman.  Lost objects in the street coupled with intimate portraits mirror the many ways women lose their sense of identity as they maneuver life as a female.  These images examine attachments formed in early childhood influenced by female stereotypes portrayed in our daily lives.  The discarded items offer the opportunity to question and reflect upon the desires women abandon to conform to these subliminal ideals and pressures as we navigate the culture we live in.   How do we reclaim the lost girl and her true nature, betrayed by false truth and unrealistic expectations to fit the restrictive mold accepted by society?  This work is my personal journey to discover a way back to the person I was before I learned how the world saw me.  It is my hope that like the objects in these images, by tossing unnecessary baggage aside, the external influences that took hold in girlhood will also be left behind, clearing the way for a reunion with the woman I am truly meant to be.